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Third International ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on HealthGIS (HealthGIS'14) - Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

  1. Imad Afyouni, Faizan Ur Rehman, Ahmad Qamar, Akhlaq Ahmad, Dr. Mohamed Abdur Rahman and Saleh Basalamah. A GIS-based Serious Game Recommender for Online Physical Therapy (pdf)
  2. Mehreteab Aregay, Andrew B. Lawson, Christel Faes and Russell Kirby. Bayesian Multiscale Modeling for Aggregated Disease Mapping Data (pdf)
  3. Roland Assam and Thomas Seidl. Prediction of Freezing of Gait from Parkinson's Disease Movement Time Series using Conditional Random Fields (pdf)
  4. Christopher Clary and Yuxia Huang. Spatial Access to Substance Abuse Treatment for Low-Income and Minority Households: A Case Study in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX (pdf)
  5. Amy E. Hughes and Sandi L. Pruitt. Using Address Histories in Health Research: Challenges and Recommendations for Research (pdf)
  6. Carl Hughes, Raja Sengupta, Deepak Saxena and Vinayak Naik. Geovisualization for cluster detection of Hepatitis A & E outbreaks in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (pdf)
  7. Rongjian Lan, Marco Adelfio and Hanan Samet. Spatio-Temporal Disease Tracking Using News Articles (pdf)
  8. Giovanni Canino, Pietro H. Guzzi, Giuseppe Tradigo, Aidong Zhang and Pierangelo Veltri. A system for Geoanalysis of Clinical, and Geographical Data (pdf)
  9. Veltri Pierangelo, Giuseppe Tradigo, Giovanni Canino and Carmine Pagliaro. A model for the Geographical Analysis and monitoring of agricultural areas example and tests in south Italian regions (pdf)
  10. Vijay Rajanna, Raniero Lara-Garduno, Dev Jyoti Behera, Karthic Madanagopal, Daniel Goldberg and Tracy Hammond. Step Up Life: A Context Aware Health Assistant (pdf)
  11. Guansheng Wang and Jianghua Zheng. The threshold of Route Guidance for Visually Impaired Based on Haptic Technology and Their Spatial Cognition (pdf)
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